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All the well-known and established chains of brands offer their customers comments on the pollo tropical coupon customer feedback survey.

The purpose of the Pollo Tropical Coupon survey will help determine what the clients feel about their experience with their service and products. 

This Pollo Tropical Coupon feedback from the customers helps the business to satisfy the needs of the customers.

This Pollo Tropical Coupon Survey is an online format that directly asks a few questions about their experience, and gives you the chance to speak your thoughts freely and without interruption.

Pollo Tropical Coupon The survey of customer satisfaction is a fantastic chance for you to share your thoughts and help the business enhance its offerings further.

The survey will take just a few minutes. an original receipt from a recent date is required to fill out.

To show gratitude for your feedback and time As a token of appreciation, the company is offering an opportunity to validate your code so that you will be able to avail a discount when you return, discounts could also be provided.

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About Pollo Tropical

Pollo tropical, found in 1998 It is an international chain of restaurants under the umbrella of Fiesta Restaurant Group. It is a specialist in Caribbean Cuisines.

The restaurant chain is located within Florida and is famous for its marinated and grilled chicken, as well as other dishes like rice and beans. More than 5300 Pollo employees provide diverse services to customers.

The restaurant currently has more than 160 locations in Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida.

Six college campuses have restaurants that are licensed to operate, and more than 35 franchises are scattered throughout all of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, south and Central America. The chain is currently seeking opportunities to increase its services.

Pollo Tropical Coupon survey Rules:

  • The participant must be aged 18 or at least.
  • The user must be a permanent resident of the United States.
  • A person is allowed to take just one poll.
  • The receipt should not be more than a week old.

Pollo Tropical Coupon survey Requirements:

  • A receipt or bill from your most recent visit.
  • A connected internet connection that is active or Wi-fi connectivity.
  • Knowledge of Spanish, Dutch or English.
  • A tablet or smartphone

Pollo Tropical Coupon survey Steps/ Procedure:

  • Change between Dutch, Spanish, and English language based on your preference.
  • When you visit the Welcome page, you will be required to enter your date and time as well as the restaurant’s number on the receipt.
  • The survey will ask you questions about your Pollo Tropical Coupon survey code. Press START to start the survey.
  • Review your overall satisfaction based on your most recent visit.
  • Choose the type of order you want to make by selecting the option.
  • You can assess your satisfaction with particular elements in the restaurant, including the food and staff.
  • Based on what you’ve observed, consider the likelihood that you’ll be back in the course of the month.
  • The entire menu will be displayed. Make sure you review everything included with your purchase.
  • They are especially interested in the level of satisfaction you have with their hamburgers. Give your honest feedback.
  • Specific questions are available in the following section. You should indicate how satisfied you are in regards to the size of the product and its appearance, quality, value and packaging. Indicate the probability that you’ll be buying the item again.
  • Write about your fellow participants in general terms and then describe how you came to know from the survey.
  • Answer the class questions.
  • Explain your ratings in greater depth.
  • Find your validation code and apply it in the appropriate way.

Contact Pollo Tropical by Phone:


Mailing address:

Pollo Tropical Corporate Office and Headquarters

7300 North Kendall Drive, 8th FloorMiami, FL 33156


FL 33156

Social Media:

FAQs regarding the pollo survey

I’m trying to complete the survey however it’s not allowing me through. What could be the problem?

  • In the first place, the slow speed of your internet connection may be the reason behind the site not working in the way it is supposed to. If you notice that your internet connection isn’t working properly you can refresh the website.
  • Verify that you have the correct link for the survey. If you typed manually into the link address bar. There is a chance that you may have misspelled it.
  • If you’re at the website but it’s not moving towards the homepage. You must verify that you have entered the correct code.
  • The code can be used only once. Make sure that the code has not been utilized before.
  • The coupon code can be used within two days of the purchase. Make sure you check the date upon the invoice. If the receipt has been in circulation for more than two days, there are greater chances that the receipt is not valid.

Am I able to take part to take part in the “pollo listens to survey” without spending anything at the restaurant?

It is not possible to participate in this survey if you have receipts are eligible to participate in this questionnaire. 

This is due to the fact that only customers who have been to their establishments or bought at their stores can provide the correct feedback. 

This survey is designed to improve the overall experience of the restaurant so it’s soliciting feedback from customers. 

In order to participate in the survey, you must purchase something in order to receive the receipt, and then enter the code on the receipt to take part in the poll.

Does this survey take place across other regions? Are I able to use the voucher in another country. ?

The survey is restricted to the USA currently. Therefore, you won’t be allowed to get this pollo tropical invitation code at any of the outlets around the world. It is only possible to redeem the pollo tropical coupon code within the USA.

What is the reason this survey requires personal data?

The only information available is generally such as names and contact numbers used to determine the prize winner as well as to distribute discount coupons.


I hope you enjoy our article about the Pollo Tropical Coupon Survey guide and if you have any comments or suggestions regarding the article or have any questions regarding this Customer Survey, you can let us know in the comments section below.

If you’re looking for more information, you can also participate in the Pollo Tropical Coupon survey to be a winner of a coupon and get discounts and free items as well.

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